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A edelkrone Customer
Carly H.
United States United States

It’s fine

Submitting this review so i stop getting email reminders. I haven’t had time to use this product yet, but it looks nice and feels sturdy.

Roger A.
Canada Canada

Where is my Flex tilt?

My address is VERY clear, however, I still have not received ed it. E-tracking site says that it have been delivered. It has not. It indicates it was delivered in Quebec City. That is 3 hours away!! I am waiting for the delivery. Roger Allard 3425 Rosedale Ave. Montreal, QC H4B 2G5

Peter C.
Australia Australia

It's only early stages and only used it once but it's awesome. Was a great addition to my Slider Plus V5!!! Also customer support is excellent too!

Pierre B.
Canada Canada

FlexTILT Head v3

Have not used it much so far but so far great

Peter H.
Canada Canada

FlexTILT Head v3

Excellent quality. Very handy addition to my camera accessories.

Nik R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

FlexTILT Head v3

This is one of the best inventions ever, and I can't wait to buy the FlexTILT Head PRO. It's better than a normal tripod head.

Luis F.
United States United States


Fantastic for the HeadOne and everything in between. Can’t do without this goodness.

Michael A.
United States United States

FlexTILT Head v3 MA

The v3 is solidly built.

A edelkrone Customer
Chad A.
United States United States

Great quality, superb flexibility

As with all Edelkrone products it seems, this flex head is built very well, strong and an asset to my set up.

Nathan T.
United States United States

Great for studio work

A very flexible solution for creating portraits in our studio. We mounted the FlexTILT Head v3 on top of a tripod head on our camera stand. The FlexTILT is mounted sideways. The tripod head only has movements for up-down. The FlexTILT Head v3 allows me to rotate the camera from horizontal to vertical, and rotate for correct aim at my subject, while using the tripod head for the up/down movements. An excellent solution to give us the virtual flexibility of hand-holding the camera while keeping it mounted on the camera stand for steadiness.

Jason J.
United States United States

Very stable

Poses and stays put. I'm afraid I'm going to have to purchase your entire inventory at some point.

A edelkrone Customer
Derek H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great little piece of kit and a good price

The item has been excellent for what I have needed it for - very low angle macro shooting in a chemistry fume cupboard (sand bags would be inappropriate in my case). It is sturdy and solid. I didn’t anticipate the circular mounting plate would protrude slightly from the overall footprint of the device - and so that required a bit of a workaround to ensure stability when not mounted on a tripod or other device. But mounted is really how it is designed so my use was slightly different than the intention of the designers. But it worked a treat.

Joseph S.
United States United States

the QUALITY is outstanding

First, I was very impressed by the overall excellence of the product. My first impression as I opened the package was how good the packaging and quality of construction appeared. The device is heavy, and exudes quality. It is well manufactured, and fully adjustable, with the allen wrench needed for adjustment cleverly provided in its own unobtrusive alcove. This device has increased the versatility of camera positioning immensely and effortlessly. If you use a tripod as much as I do and have a wide range of subjects then the ease of positioning that this device affords you will actually enhance your creativity! I highly recommend this addition to your photographic tools for both still and video creators. The price is incredibly reasonable for the impact it will have on your art.

A edelkrone Customer
Phillip I.
Australia Australia

Awesome product & especially when I go to places where I don't want to carry heavy tripod

Must admit.. it is a bloody good product especially in my case I want a quick set up.. boom within minutes! Love it!

edelkrone FlexTILT Head v3 Review
Frieder L.
United States United States

Beautiful quality. Functional exactly as advertised. Great piece of equipment.

Jie B.
United States United States

Simple design with tons of options

The flextilt head was so easy to use and has tons of options and angles that I could ever imagine.

Todd B.
United States United States


I haven't used it yet, but after adjusting the tension, it works great!

Ryan O.
United States United States

Works great

Product works great and does exactly what it is designed to do. The quality is top notch.

Robert E.
United States United States

Great product! Versatile accessory!

Very well built and will be using this on a regular basis. Covers several items in one well designed tool.

phillip m.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great service

Very fast delivery 1 class service higly reccomend great prices

A new generation of the original all-in-one flexible head for panning, tilting, & more.
Re-engineered to cost less and love more!
Watch Video
Watch Video FlexTILT Head
Authentic features for next-level camera positioning
No Buttons, No Locks, No Knobs
Positioning the camera angle with one hand has never been simpler. FlexTILT Head has no buttons, locks, or knobs and uses edelkrone’s one-of-a-kind Constant Friction Technology which prevents the joints from losing grip even after countless adjustments - unlike imitation knock-offs on the market.
Easy Height Adjustment
Instantly adjust the height of your camera without the burden of tripod legs. Simply pull, tilt, and get the exact angle you want, maximizing the efficiency of your production. Don't let your tripod limit you!
Let it stand as a stand-alone
Unlike other camera heads, it is effortless to find the center of gravity with FlexTILT Head, especially on flat surfaces where it doubles as a stand-alone camera stand. FlexTILT Head is the best assistant a one-person crew could ask for!
The most sought-after camera head is now re-engineered to be more accessible.
Precise & smooth panning
Easily achieve precise panoramas with pan marking and lens center shifting.
Works great with Everything
Attach any mirrorless, DSLR, or compact cinema camera setup up to 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) with peace of mind. FlexTILT Head is also the perfect add-on for edelkrone sliders, dollies, jibs, motorized heads, and camera stands.
FlexTILT Head
Two models to cover all of your needs.
Find out which FlexTILT Head is right for your camera setup.
Our best-selling camera head just got a lot stronger.
The innovative pan & tilt solution you love, now designed for heavier setups.
Watch Video
Watch Video FlexTILT Head PRO
Compact in size, colossal in strength.
Lock in the Perfect Shot
FlexTILT Head PRO comes with the same easy-to-use design that you know and love, giving you a variety of effortless, adjustable angles as you shoot. The added locks twist easily to secure your heavier cameras, lenses, and monitors in place.
Unexpected Carrying Capacity
The groundbreaking footprint of FlexTILT Head PRO gives you the freedom to film without being weighed down by heavy equipment. It's small enough to fit in your pocket and strong enough to carry up to 15 lb (6.8 kg) of equipment securely.
Find the Perfect Balance
Unlike other camera heads, the innovative engineering of FlexTILT Head PRO helps you find the perfect center of gravity so you can use it on its own as a camera stand on any flat surface, even with most heavy camera setups. FlexTILT Head PRO completes the one-person crew.
Small. Sleek. Strong.
Superior design that can’t be copied.
Easy Height Adjustment
You can instantly adjust the height of your camera without dealing with a tripod. FlexTILT Head PRO gives you an effortless 5.23 in (13.3 cm) of height, locking your gear into place for the perfect shot.
Works great with the entire PRO Family!
The powerful FlexTILT Head PRO works flawlessly with any camera setup up to 15 lb (6.8 kg). Combine FlexTILT Head PRO with edelkrone products that have similar carrying capacities, such as SliderPLUS PRO, SliderONE PRO, or Wing PRO to level up your production.
Two models to cover all of your needs.
Find out which FlexTILT Head is right for your camera setup.