Get Perfect Product Shots Every Time

Get Perfect Product Shots Every Time


The SliderPLUS combined with the Vertical Module stands out as the perfect vertical slider solution. It's challenging to find another solution in the market that offers such vertical movement, can carry substantial weight, is as affordable, and is so portable. edelkrone continues its legacy of pioneering innovation and delivering the unexpected.

One of the notable features of the edelkrone ecosystem is the seamless wireless communication between motorized camera devices. They can operate in synchrony, enhancing your videography experience. In the showcased video, SliderPLUS's Motor Module collaborates effortlessly with HeadONE, enabling a captivating vertical parallax effect that makes the product shot intriguing and appealing.

The edelkrone App, renowned for controlling all our devices, has recently started functioning on the Apple Watch. We created a video to highlight just how effortlessly and swiftly you can set up camera movements using specifically the Apple Watch.

This video showcases just one of the numerous edelkrone setups available. There are countless other possibilities. We'd love to craft more content about our other setups if you leave a comment. Your feedback drives our innovations and showcases.

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