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Shoot Perfect Motion Timelapse Videos with edelkrone

Shoot Perfect Motion Timelapse Videos with edelkrone


Using an edelkrone is the easiest and best way to shoot perfect motion timelapse videos. Moving the camera flawlessly throughout the shoot transforms an ordinary timelapse video into an attractive, captivating masterpiece. And by using edelkrone, you can easily deliver these mesmerizing results to your audience. You can either set up edelkrone devices individually or group them together. To program a motion timelapse video, all you need to do is enter the total shooting time, the number of photos to be taken, and select the starting and ending positions. Then, you can connect the trigger cable and start shooting. If you want to go even beyond these tremendous results, you can open the advanced mode on the timelapse setup screen. With the dynamic time and motion feature, you can independently set the speed of time and the speed of camera motion to make the sun set instantly. Or, you can briefly speed up the clouds without affecting the camera's motion. If even these original results aren't enough, you can achieve the 'impossible' by using the bouncing-time mode. This mode allows you to move 'back-and-forth' in time without affecting the motion of the camera. These advanced mode features are exclusive to edelkrone and cannot be created in post-production. Join the edelkrone family and advance in your professional life. Gift your audience with rare visuals they will absolutely love to see. These amazing products, crafted by a dedicated and skilled team after years of effort, are ready to take your video production to the next level.


Say Hello to Time-lapse 3.0 Era with Time Bouncer!

With Time Bouncer feature, you can change the direction of time while the system is in constant motion, enabling you to create stunning time bounce loops.



Play with time in ways you've never imagined before

Never-Before-Seen Results

Whether you're creating visual narratives, experimenting with abstract concepts, or simply aiming to amaze your audience, Time Bouncer opens up a realm of creativity that pushes the boundaries of what's achievable with time-lapse videography. We know that you will come up with brilliant ways of using it. 

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